The Cove Macmillan Support Centre

A lot of the money we raise goes towards Cornwall’s newest purpose-built Macmillan Cancer Support Centre. Overall, proceeds from the Fair help to pay for: 9 Macmillan Clinical nurses, 3 staff who run The Cove, 2 psychologists, 2 Macmillan GPs, 1 Macmillan primary care nurse, 2 community based posts in West Cornwall, 1 school project post, 3 Macmillan CAB advisors, and 1 physiotherapist.

So that’s 24 Macmillan professionals in Cornwall you support simply by going to the Fair!

The Cove helps 250 people every week take back control of their lives

Discovering you’ve got cancer, recovering from treatment, coping with bereavement, respite care advice for families – these are just a few of the problems staff at The Cove help people with every week. Cancer diagnosis affects all areas of life. Often it’s not the physical effects that worry people, but the sheer weight of ‘stuff’ that needs to be sorted, information that needs to be absorbed and emotions that need to be acknowledged. The Cove is there to give counsel and sound advice on everything from financial arrangements to exercise and diet. It’s also offers quiet spaces, where people can just take a bit of time out.

The Cove project cost £3.1 million to build, and the money raised from the 2015 and 2016 Christmas Fairs went directly to support it. The Macmillan Christmas Fair committee are proud to be one of the founding patrons of The Cove and aim to help fund its incredible work for many years to come.

If you need help, advice or support on your cancer journey, you can visit The Cove anytime 9.30 – 4.30, Monday to Friday or call 01872 256363. You don’t need an appointment.