Food Hall Sponsored by Ginsters of  Cornwall

Our popular Food Hall, kindly sponsored by Ginsters of Cornwall will play host to a wonderful array of artisan foods and drinks to suit all tastes and budgets at this year’s Fair. Check out the list of confirmed stall holders below as you prepare your Christmas shopping list for 2018

Vulkanus UK

Vulkanus knife sharpeners come with a “Simply Sharp” statement for their sharpening systems and that is exactly what they are. Vulkanus supplies pretty and simple sharpening systems you can use every day.

Frozen Custard Company

Here at the Frozen Custard Company we produced delicious treats for the trade and select shows which we attend. From our base in Portreath, Cornwall we produced our beautifully rich Frozen Custard in four flavours: Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard, White Chocolate and Raspberry and Rhubarb and Custard. The idea was thought up during the summer of 2015. It was a beautiful hot Cornish Sunday during the middle of August. We were out walking on the Cornish coast and talking about what we were going to have for dinner, well actually talking about pudding. We both fancied custard but could not decide if hot custard was acceptable during the summer. From here the idea of the Frozen Custard Company was created. We set about in our cottage making the first custard recipes. After several long months, we finally decided on some flavours that was loved by our family and us. We were so excited by the feedback we received that we established the company in 2017 to share with everyone.

Langleys Rocky Road

A generous serving of luxury Belgian Chocolate combined with caramel, nougat and honeycomb in just the right measures with inspirational flavours complementary ingredients and a lot of love the result is my Rocky Road. As with all the best things in life it started its journey as a family favourite and has grown as it was shared with friends. My aim has always been to share and bring pleasure wherever I can so I hope that you enjoy and share!

Knightor Winery

Knightor is a working winery, wedding and events venue, nestled above St Austell Bay and a stones throw from the Eden Project. From our historic granite barns and 4 acres of Cornish hedgerows, pasture and orchard, we host feasts and celebrations in the best way we know - with only the finest local produce and superb wine. We encourage you to visit us and find out more about what we do. Why not join us for a wine tour & tasting, where you can discover how we make our premium-quality still and sparkling wines, as well as our new Cornish vermouth!

Sisley's & Crellow

‘Sisley’s & Crellow’ is a family ran business, based in Portreath, producing a variety of award winning, handmade preserves, condiments, mustards and sauces, all using quality ingredients. Being Cornish born and bred, Cornish produce is used wherever possible and when in season. All products have an authentic 'homemade' taste & high fruit & vegetable content which has proven extremely popular with customers. Sisley's & Crellow do not use artificial colours or preservatives, the only ingredients contained in the jars are fruit & vegetables, expertly cooked with sugar, vinegar & spices.

Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

We believe in the pleasure of healthy eating, making chocolate gems with thoughtfully selected, nutrient rich, deliciously mouth watering ingredients, inspired by the crystal clear turquoise of the Cornish sea, and the wild forces of nature. With a great love for animals, nature and a belief in kindness to all, I wanted to do more than just words of support, so 25p from the sale of specific chocolates goes directly to The Born Free Foundation ('Keep wildlife in the wild') and Viva! ('Vegan is a state of kind, be kind to all kind'). See 'Elsa' & Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel' chocolates for more details. I hope that these chocolates, with flavours slowly steeped for a longer, more enriching taste experience, offer a pleasurable choice that's kinder to your body and the environment. (All packaging recyclable & biodegradable.)

Italian Olive Oil Company

Here at The Italian Olive Oil Company we offer exclusive single estate Italian olive oil from only the finest Italian olive groves, where the olives are grown and the oil produced and bottled at source, to ensure you the finest and purest extra virgin olive oil.

Curio Spirits Company

Curio is produced in Mullion, deep in west Cornwall, through years of hard work, dedication, consultation and training with two master distillers who have helped us on our journey to create a delicious craft gin. Curio is inspired by fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients that reflect our culture, heritage and locality.

Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt is harvested fresh from the sea, just eight metres from our salt house. The combination of the purest waters and The Lizard’s rare geology give our salt a complexity and intensity of flavour, as well as a mineral richness that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Mrs Gills Country Cakes

We are a small but long established company nestled in the heart of Devon, lovingly hand baking every cake. We are renowned for making some of the finest cakes in the country, we have built the highest reputation by using only the finest ingredients which include local free range eggs, English butter & flour to produce our Gold & Silver award winning cakes. We cater for both wholesale and the public, whether you require just one cake, hundreds, or a unique cake for that special occasion, we are very happy to supply you. We are pleased to announce that we can also offer GLUTEN FREE cakes, please contact us for further details.

The Juniper Club

Craft Gins are our speciality. We strive to bring you high quality craft gins that are not easily available elsewhere.

Deli Farm Charcuterie

Deli Farm Charcuterie are one of the UK’s leading producers of British air dried charcuterie; since starting in 2006 we have reliably been winning awards with our artisan air dried charcuterie products each year. Our main ethos is to be as fresh, local and natural as we can reliably and safely be, we do NOT use any artificial colouring, flavourings, emulsifiers or phosphates. We only use prime joints of meat from carefully selected local producers; we keep our packaging minimalistic and only use 100% renewable electricity. All our British air dried charcuterie is made with our own carefully developed recipes, some are fairly traditional and some a little more unusual. When time permits one of our favourite jobs is experimenting with new flavours and meats.

Freda's (Cornwall)

A love of Peanut Butter and a trip to New Zealand in a camper van called Freda were the inspiration behind the development of our own unbelievably tasty brand. Uniquely flavoured, deeply roasted with natural ingredients and the perfect crunch-this is Peanut Butter but better.

Chalk Stream Foods

At Chalk Stream Foods, we source, prepare and deliver the finest, freshest rainbow trout from farms on the River Itchen and the River Test directly to restaurants across the UK. These world famous spring-fed chalk streams with gin clear water, constant water flows and excellent light and vegetation create havens for our fish, making them rich and lean with a distinctive, sensational taste. They’re perfect for chefs and restaurant owners who are looking for fresh, delicious fish from a local, reliable and friendly supplier.

We deliver in our own refrigerated vans to London and the South. Supplying large 2.5 to 3 kilo fish; whole, gilled & gutted and filleted (pin-boned). We cater for bespoke orders too, and are working to support other local food producers by embracing more Hampshire foods with our deliveries. These include large live crayfish and buffalo mince and steaks.

Buttermilk Confectionery

Buttermilk is a family run business, born and bred in Cornwall, now run by Tracy McGoad and David Goad. Our love and enthusiasm for everything sweet has been guiding our artisan confectionery since 1964. We’ve continued to grow over the years and now have a brand new Buttermilk Kitchen in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Our award-winning treats are still lovingly handmade in-house by our craft confectioners using our traditional methods. We continue to stay true to our heritage, so our skilled team can still be found using traditional copper pans over open flames, to blend ingredients for our indulgent, mouth-watering treats.

Rathlee Distilling Company

Two people, two cultures, a melting-pot of experience, and a single shared dedication to craft are the foundations of Rathlee Distilling Company. Paola, from the vibrant, beating heart of Bogotá, Colombia, and Stuart, from the wild, rugged coasts of Cornwall, began by crafting a rum that blends Latin spirit and Cornish endeavour – a unique fusion of cultures and flavours in pursuit of perfection.

The Cornish Ketchup Company

The Cornish Ketchup Company was formed by two friends with a passion for great food... Chris and Kris, two food-obsessed Cornish boys, were fed up of the lack of high quality ketchup on the market and decided to develop a real quality ketchup that complimented all of their favourite foods instead of completely overpowering them.

Armed with a large stock pot, plenty of ideas (and a shed load of tomatoes) they set about creating their very own range of ketchups.

Maison Elhoria

Maison Elhoria offers high quality artisan kitchen textiles, 100% Egyptian cotton, woven in the Basque Country, in France and Handmade in the UK. Sophie also carried her French family tradition of making pork pâté in glass jars (pantry product), by selling her own recipe pâté de Campagne - free range pork , naturally low in fat, with no adds on, for an authentic flavour.